Minisode - The Latest Developments in Hedge Fund Replication

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About This Episode

Dynamic Beta’s portfolios seek to match or outperform the portfolios of leading hedge funds by identifying, and investing directly in, the key drivers (or factors) that explain recent pre-fee performance. Its engine is based on over a decade of research into the primary sources of returns among Equity Long/short, Managed Futures and Multi-strategy hedge funds. Its portfolios consist only of highly-liquid futures and/or ETFs.

About Our Guest

Andrew Beer is the founder and managing member of Dynamic Beta investments. He has 25 years of experience in the hedge fund business since joining the Baupost Group, Inc., one of the world’s premier hedge fund firms, as a portfolio manager. In 2003, Andrew founded Pinnacle Asset Management, a leading commodity investment firm with approximately $3 billion under management today and recipient of numerous industry awards. He was also a founder of Apex Capital Management, one of the first institutional-quality hedge funds focused on the Greater China region that peaked at approximately $1.5 billion in assets prior to the financial crisis. Andrew holds a MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar and his AB degree with high honors from Harvard College.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Dynamic Beta Investments website, where you can learn more about its products.