Minisode - A Reality Check on Behavioral Coaching

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About This Episode

Over the past few months, advisors and investors have been whipsawed by market movements and emotions have been magnified due to the pandemic. And while the term behavioral finance has often been discussed in the advisor world, the application of it into practice tends to lag.

About Our Guest

For Phil Toews, CEO of Toews Asset Management & Agility Shares, managing investor behavior is not so black and white. Behavioral finance works to add color into the picture and provides advisors with insights that can help build meaningful relationships and potentially better manage risk. Phil and his team, through their Behavioral Investing Institute program offered through Toews Asset Management, are evolving the practice of applied behavioral finance to design and implement plans of action for investors ahead of market disruptions in an attempt to address market risks before negative events occur.

Phil serves as chief executive officer and portfolio manager at Toews Corporation and Agility Shares, a $1.9bn+ RIA and tactical asset manager. Founded in 1994, his firm has developed and manages separately managed account strategies, the Toews mutual funds, the Agility Shares™ ETFs, and recently launched The Behavioral Investing Institute. His goals are intense dedication to his investment approach and a determined commitment to helping advisors and his clients.

Show Notes

Here are links to the Toews Asset Management, Agility Shares & Behavioral Investing Institute web sites.