Minisode: Understanding Gender-Lens Investing

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About This Episode

Gender-lens investing is one of the fastest-growing subsets of sustainable or impact investing—and should be of particular interest to you and your clients as you guide them toward their investment goals. Traditionally, gender-lens investing focused on investing in companies with a higher representation of women on their boards or in senior positions. Stopping at representation, however, may not be enough to achieve gender diversity and equality. Here to discuss the full scope of gender-lens investing is Anuradha (“Anu”) Gaggar.

About Our Guest

Anuradha is a senior analyst on the Investment Management and Research team at Commonwealth Financial Network®. An industry veteran of nearly 15 years, she joined Commonwealth in January 2013 to focus on manager evaluation, manager selection, and dissemination of research in the international and emerging markets asset classes. In addition to providing her expertise and authorship at Commonwealth, Anu has authored content that covers topics spanning emerging markets to international investment trends.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Commonwealth’s web site where you can find more of its thought leadership and guidance for financial advisors.