Understanding the Upheaval in the Muni Bond Market

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About The Episode

Over the last two weeks, our collective focus has been on the equity markets. But the sharp drop in prices among U.S. stocks has been matched by a dramatic spike in municipal bond yields. That has created a compelling, but little-noticed opportunity to buy safe, highly rated muni bonds at exceptional spreads to U.S. Treasury bonds.

About our Guest

Tom Doe is the president of Municipal Market Analytics (MMA). He is also a resource to the media, regulators, congressional leaders, think tanks and has served as a public member in the industry’s regulatory board - the MSRB. Currently, MMA has partnered with risQ to address the impact of climate risks on municipal securities’ value. In short, Tom is one of – if not the – leading experts on municipal bonds.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Municipal Markets Analytics website for more information about its services.