Minisode - How to Leverage Technology for a Virtual Business

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About the Episode

For many businesses, the sudden transition from a physical to a virtual company has been jarring. But other businesses have been operating remotely since their inception. One example is Advisor Perspectives, and another is the marketing platform, Twenty Over Ten. I am joined today by two of the principals of Twenty Over Ten, who will talk about their unique story, what they did to create an effective virtual company and how they are helping advisors with their communications strategy.

About our Guests

Samantha Russell is head of sales and marketing at Twenty Over Ten. With a background in public relations, marketing and client relations, Sam focuses on helping new clients understand the value of their online presence and connecting them with the marketing tools and digital solutions they need to effectively manage their brand. Ryan Russell is head of business. He uses his expertise in brand and identity design, user experience and user interface to help clients achieve their vision in a digital space. His blend of design and entrepreneurial expertise helps drive the direction of Twenty Over Ten.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Twenty Over Ten website for more information about its services. Here is the article by Mary Pitek about her advice for working for a virtual company.