What to Say When Your Clients Yell “Sell!”

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About The Episode

When this podcast was recorded, on March 11, U.S. equities were down 13.7% since February 21, when the threat of the coronavirus infected the markets. At best, advisors are faced with clients asking what this means for their future. At worst, clients are calling to demand that advisors sell and de-risk their portfolios. My guest and I will focus on the importance of client communication, especially in today's market conditions. What can advisors do to keep their clients calm and informed in the "panic" we've seen recently?

About Our Guest

Sean Brown is the CEO and president of YCharts, an investment research platform that is designed to help advisors make smarter investments and provide better client communications. I’ve known about YCharts for some time, and I have seen how it helps advisors deliver more value to their clients. Sean is passionate about providing advisors with quick access to investment data and modern tools that help them derive and share insights. Sean has been an executive at several startups, private equity-backed firms and public companies.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the YCharts website for more information about its products and services. And click here to request a demo of the platform.