Minisode - The New ETF That Avoids Losers Instead of Picking Winners

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About the Episode

GraniteShares is an ETF company focused on simple, cost-effective access to commodity and alternative investments.

About our Guest

Will Rhind is the founder & CEO of GraniteShares. Will is an 18-year veteran of the ETF industry, serving as the former CEO of GLD as well as holding senior level positions at ETF Securities and iShares. He is here with me to talk about broad ETF industry trends, the commodities market and how investors can achieve outperformance by excluding losers from their portfolio rather than picking winners.

Show Notes

Here is a link to GraniteShares and to its suite of commodity-focused ETFs (BAR, PLTM, COMB), a high-income ETF (HIPS) and a new smart beta ETF (XOUT)