Minisode - A New Tool to Forecast ETF Performance

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About the Episode

After 40 years on Wall Street, stock market expert Marc Chaikin, whose technical indicators are industry standards, introduced a suite of groundbreaking tools to provide a directional edge for investors and advisors. Chaikin Analytics was launched in March 2011 and is a suite of research tools and portfolio management services that help pick winning stocks and ETFs and drop losers ahead of market shifts.

About our Guest

Pete Carmasino is head of sales and advisor outreach at Chaikin Analytics. With over 25 years in the financial services industry, Pete has had the opportunity to study many investment strategies while employed at several research, trading, and investment banks. His experience ranges from district manager at a NYSE member firm to institutional sales trader. He also owned and operated his own RIA firm.

Pete discusses advisors’ use of ETFs in anticipation of PortfolioWise, a new and cutting-edge platform powered by Chaikin Analytics to help advisors analyze ETFs and construct ETF portfolios.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Chaikin Analytics’ website for more information about its products. For more information on PortfolioWise, please click here.