Minisode - The Role of Succession Planning in Taking on Institutional Capital

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About the Episode

A recent study by Charles Schwab revealed that succession planning ranks last on the list of top priorities for RIAs. Moreover, 92% of firms are considering internal succession. As someone who has first-hand experience selling a business, my guest, Stuart Silverman, will explain why advisors are hesitant to part ways with their firms, how they can identify a successor and how institutional capital can help fuel succession strategies.

About our Guest

Stuart has successfully developed and sold four different businesses. In 2003, he founded the Fusion Advisor Network, a practice management and business-consulting network that managed close to $10 billion in assets. Kestra Financial acquired the business in 2012, with Stuart staying on as chairman emeritus. Stuart expanded his relationship with Kestra Financial with the creation of Bluespring Wealth Partners, where he now serves as president.

Since 2012, Stuart has continued to share his industry knowledge and business expertise with advisors, while taking on a bigger role at Kestra Financial. He has helped the team grow Kestra Financial into one of the leading independent financial services firms with 2,300 advisors and over $100 billion in assets under advisement. In addition to his work with Kestra Financial, he frequently lectures on the fundamentals of business management and consults with high-end advisors on how to become effective entrepreneurs while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Bluespring Wealth Partners’ website for more information about its products and services.