The Groundbreaking Innovation in Active ETFs

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About the Episode

Our topic today is actively managed ETFs. On November 14, the SEC gave contingent approval for new proxy-based, semi-transparent active ETF structures to four fund families: Natixis, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity and the Blue Tractor Group. This overcomes a major impediment to active ETFs – transparency. No longer do those ETFs need to disclose their underlying holdings – their “secret sauce.”

About our Guest

My guest, Ryan Sullivan, and I will discuss the significance of the SEC’s decision and what it means for the ETF industry and for advisors and their clients. Ryan joined Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) in 2015 and is a Senior Vice President with the firm’s Global Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Services. In this role, Ryan consults and partners with U.S.-based ETF sponsors and new entrants to the ETF market, aligning the firm’s expertise with their ETF development efforts.

Shows Notes

Here is a link to Ryan’s research on the Brown Brothers’ website.