How This Small-Cap Value Fund Keeps Outperforming

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About the Episode

Hotchkis & Wiley is true value investor that has performed well in a growth-dominated equity market. It also has a large following among advisors. Its Small Cap Diversified Value Fund has strong numbers and a history of outperformance versus its benchmark. The fund has considerable exposure to micro caps, which has helped it to consistently outperform on a rolling three-year basis since its inception in 2014.

About our Guest

Judd Peters is one of the fund’s two co-managers. Judd has been with Hotchkis for 20 years and coordinates the day-to-day management of the fund. Judd also follows the capital goods, energy and technology sectors. Judd has responsibility for representing the firm’s investment strategies to current and prospective clients.

Show Notes

For more information visit the Hotchkis & Wiley home page to get more information on the H&W Small Cap Diversified Value Fund: