What Will Drive Growth in ETFs?

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About the Episode

The nearly unbridled growth of the ETF industry in the last 15 years has paralleled one of the greatest bull markets ever. What are the key themes that are likely to drive the next leg of growth? What do the next 5-10 years look like for ETFs? My guest today leads one of the most prominent ETF providers, and he and I discuss those questions and more.

About our Guest

Rob Nestor joined Direxion in 2018 as its president. Prior to that, he held several executive roles at BlackRock’s iShares unit, most recently serving as the Head of US Smart Beta ETFs. Prior to that he led the iShares Pillar for US Wealth Advisory (USWA) business and he spent 16 years at Vanguard working in a variety of product and business development roles in both the retail and institutional divisions.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Direxion web site.