“Wipe Out” Below The Calm Surface Of The Bull Market

“Wipe Out” is an appropriate description of what is happening beneath the calm surface of the bull market.

As we head into the end of the year, many are hoping for “Santa to visit Broad and Wall.” However, those hopes are not just about adding to this year’s already excessive annual gains. Instead, for many, it’s the hope to recover some brutal losses.

If you haven’t been paying much attention, the market is currently sitting near all-time highs. While it has risen nearly 26% this year, there were a couple of very normal 5% corrections along the way.

Wipe Out, “Wipe Out” Below The Calm Surface Of The Bull Market

By looking at the chart, you would assume that performance across the index was pretty equal. However, that would be an erroneous assumption.

As the old saying goes:

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.”