Technically Speaking: Is The Retail Investor Rampage Over?

Is the retail investor rampage over?

Since the crash in March 2020, the “retail investor army” marched propelled by chat rooms and social media channels. As discussed previously in “Blind Leading The Blind:”

  • In all, 46% have used social media for investing information in the past month.
  • 22% of Gen Z investors say they were younger than 18 when they started investing, versus 8% of millennial investors.
  • Only 36% of young investors plan to use that money for retirement. 35% will make additional investments, while 19% will use the funds to pay for a major purchase.


“Considering that many of these individuals have never seen an actual ‘bear market,’ such is the very definition of the ‘blind leading the blind.’”

Of course, with fresh stimulus checks in hand, and sports betting shut down along with the economy, the stock market became the “casino of choice.”