#MacroView: No, Bonds Aren’t Overvalued. They’re A Warning Sign.

There has been much commentary suggesting bonds have gotten overvalued due to historically low rates.

“Stocks are expensive, but bonds are enormously overvalued on a long-term basis” – Jeremy Siegel

However, is that the case?

There is no argument stocks are highly overvalued. We spent much of the past week discussing why forward returns will be lower over the next decade.

The basic premise is that overpaying for earnings today leads to lower rates of return in the future. Of course, given the flood of liquidity from global Central Banks, the overvaluation of markets is of no surprise.

However, while analysts develop various rationalizations to justify high valuations, none hold up under objective scrutiny. While Central Bank interventions boost asset prices in the short-term, there is an inherently negative impact on economic growth in the long term.

Bonds Overvalued, #MacroView: No, Bonds Aren’t Overvalued. They’re A Warning Sign.

However, bonds are a different story.