The Ten Best Investment Articles You Probably Missed

Great articles don’t always get the readership they deserve. We’ve posted the 10 most-widely read investment and planning articles for the past year here. Below are another 10 that you might have missed, but I believe merit reading:

  1. Gundlach – Trump will Defeat Biden; Avoid the Bond Market

by Robert Huebscher, 8/12/20

Jeffrey Gundlach, who famously predicted Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, said that the president will defeat the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, in November. He also dimmed the expectations of fixed-income investors when he said to avoid short- and long-term bonds.

  1. Niall Ferguson – We Need to Live with COVID-19

by Robert Huebscher, 5/7/20

According to Niall Ferguson, the lesson from history we should embrace is that, despite the noble work of scientists, we won’t find a vaccine for COVID-19. As in the past, this disease is something we have to manage and live with.

  1. Preliminary Thoughts – The New World Order

by Bob Rodriguez, 3/24/20

Over a period of time which I cannot estimate yet, I will continue my preparation for a far different economic and financial environment. Capital deployment strategies will likely have to change from what has been the norm in the post WW2 environment. We are in a New World Order.

  1. Evaluating Long-Term Care Insurance

by Allan Roth, 2/24/20

Whether to purchase long-term care (LTC) insurance is one of the most difficult and consequential decisions a retiree will make. Because of the complexity of the products and the uncertainty of needing care, very few have attempted – as I did below – to provide an objective analysis.

  1. Neil Howe – The Pandemic and the Fourth Turning

by Robert Huebscher, 5/20/20

Neil Howe foresaw a global crisis that would upend society. He didn’t know it would be a pandemic, but, throughout his career, he has been predicting a “fourth turning” – an event that would reshape societal norms and usher in a new generation of leaders.

  1. The Question Every Advisor Must Answer

by Allan Roth, 6/8/20

With the recent market rally, stocks are again near their all-time highs. But we face a perilous economy, coupled with the threat of a resurgence of the coronavirus. Here’s what I tell clients who are dead-certain that the stock market is due for a significant correction.

  1. Medicare Will Cost Me HOW Much?

by Joanne Giardini-Russell, 5/4/20

Your clients are typically blindsided before they come to me. They believe that Medicare is “free” or is largely subsidized because, “I paid into the system my whole life and now I have to pay what?”

  1. 401(k) Plans No Longer Make Much Sense for Savers

by Aaron Brown, 7/22/20

We should restore the large tax incentive and bring fees into line with taxable investment standards.

  1. How the Rich Dodge Taxes

by Michael Edesess, 1/13/20

Awareness has become widespread that incomes before taxes of the bottom half – or more – of the American population have stagnated in the last 40 years, while incomes at the top rungs have soared. A new book shows that the divide is even greater after taxes.

  1. Bucket Strategies – Challenging Previous Research

by Joe Tomlinson, 4/20/20

Adoptees of bucket strategies were rewarded over the past two months, as their cash reserves buffered them psychologically from the market decline. Such strategies avoid taking withdrawals from stocks when the market is down, as it is now. But do bucket strategies provide a financial benefit – as some claim – or are any benefits purely behavioral?

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