The Four Types of Financial Content Marketing

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The right type of content sets the tone for your website, provides your clients with useful information, establishes you as a financial expert and even creates a personal connection with your clients. You can use many different types of content in many different ways and places.

In part one, Six Reasons Why Financial Content Marketing Matters, of The Ultimate Financial Advisor’s Guide to Content Marketing I went into detail about why it is important to create quality content and what advantages your firm can gain from doing so.

Now, I will talk about the four different types of content you can create and what is unique about each one.

It’s important that you spend your time and money on the right types of content for your target market. Within the four major types of content, I recommend that advisors stick with topics that are interesting and valuable to their ideal clients. It’s about finding a balance between what your audience wants to learn about and your areas of specific knowledgeable.

1. Evergreen content ideas for financial planners

Evergreen content is unique in that it remains relevant for many years. It is well-written, easily understood, concise, and addresses the needs of your clients. It is a timeless asset you can promote in numerous ways. Spend the most time creating and distributing evergreen content as it gives you the biggest “bang for your buck.”