Introduction to Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

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If you are looking for help to take your marketing efforts to the next level, I have created a series of articles, The Ultimate Financial Advisor’s Guide to Content Marketing, to serve as a one-stop guide to content marketing for financial advisors. This is the first article in that series.

In this series, I will answer questions such as:

  • What is content?
  • Why use content marketing?
  • What types of content should advisors create?
  • What strategy should I be using?
  • How do I optimize my content so I know the right people are finding it?
  • Do images matter?
  • Do I need to follow a schedule?
  • How do I reach my readers?
  • How do I reach prospects?

Over the next 10 weeks, you will find the answers to those questions and more to ensure you are getting the most out of all the content you are creating for your prospects and clients.

Let’s begin by diving into The Ultimate Financial Advisor’s Guide to Content Marketing.

What is content?

Content is a term that’s challenging to define because we engage with it every day in various forms without necessarily thinking about what it is or how it’s affecting us. Put simply, content is information that’s directed towards an audience. Because that audience chooses to read, watch, or listen to it, content is valuable – it captures and holds attention and delivers messages when people are most open to receiving them.

The jokes in a television sitcom, the lessons delivered in a live workshop, or a chapter in a book are all content.