Henderson releases the 8th edition of the Henderson Global Dividend Study

Henderson’s Jane Shoemake, Investment Director of Global Equity Income, presents the 8th edition of the Henderson Global Dividend Study. Henderson Global Dividend Study is a quarterly report analyzing dividend trends from around the world. The study examines dividends paid every quarter by the 1,200 largest firms by market capitalization. In the latest edition, we saw an increase of 2% in global dividend growth for the quarter after nearly three quarters of consecutive declines. The US continues to be the main driver of global dividend growth with dividend payments increasing by 23%. Shoemake discusses the impact China and emerging markets have had on global dividends and why she expects global dividends to total 1.15 trillion dollars by the end of 2015. Looking into 2016, Shoemake continues to expect dividend growth to be positive but at a slightly lower rate.