How Advisors are Using Defined-Outcome ETFs

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About This Episode

The relatively new category of buffered or “defined-outcome” ETFs has grown to $30 billion in assets, with more than $10 billion in inflows in 2023 alone. Amid significant uncertainty surrounding the Fed's trajectory for rate cuts, geopolitical tensions, and a presidential election year, investors are seeking new ways to mitigate risk in their portfolio while still participating in the returns of the equity market. AllianzIM entered the ETF market in 2020 to address this need with a growing suite of buffered ETFs. Buffered ETFs are a powerful tool for advisors and their clients to reduce volatility and diversify a traditional allocation.

About Our Guest

Johan Grahn is head ETF market strategist at Allianz Investment Management, LLC.

With 20 years in the financial services industry, Grahn has deep experience in market economics and financial products. Most recently, he led the development and launch of Allianz Investment Management LLC’s exchange traded funds (ETFs) business, which provides investors the opportunity to allocate assets and manage risk in their portfolios with the help of buffered ETFs.

Show Notes

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