The Keys to Successful In-Person Events

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About This Episode

As advisors are striving for that truly personal touch with their clients (and how much more personal can you get than eye-to-eye), there is increased interest in more in-person prospecting events. My guest today will discuss how he and his team have unlocked the power of seminars, giving advisors and firms opportunities to make a lasting impression and turn intrigued prospects into clients.

Additionally, as people are getting so much spam through their email and on their cell phones, he will share how to gain mindshare in a meaningful way.

About Our Guest

Greg Bogich is the CEO of White Glove.

Greg Bogich, a visionary marketing leader with a renowned track record, excels in driving profitable revenue through the power of storytelling and cultivating strategic relationships. With a successful history spanning retail, financial services, consumer product goods, restaurant, shopper marketing, automotive, and direct response, Greg has collaborated with many of the nation’s top companies. As the CEO of White Glove, he fuels advisor growth through a risk-free, turnkey engine, seamlessly connecting them with highly engaged audiences to propel their success.

Show Notes

Here is a link for more information about Greg and White Glove:

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