Are Alternatives Right for Your Clients?

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About This Episode

Advisors are increasingly shifting away from a traditional 60/40 portfolio as they realize the full potential of alternatives and the benefits they can provide for their clients. Yet, despite increasing demand, hurdles to accessing and understanding alternative investment strategies still exist. My guest, Abby Salameh, will leverage findings from the CAIS-Mercer second annual survey – which was conducted at the second annual CAIS Alternative Investment Summit last month – to expand on the shift that’s taking place as investors adopt a modern three-dimensional portfolio, the challenges that advisors continue to face when accessing these investments, how technology platforms like CAIS are addressing those hurdles, and her outlook for the alternatives industry into 2024.

About Our Guest

Abby Salameh is the chief marketing officer and head of strategic relations of CAIS and managing director of CAIS IQ.

She leads the firm’s brand and media strategy, corporate communications, channel marketing, spearheads all partnerships and strategic relationships, and is the head of the CAIS IQ business unit. Abby has more than 25 years of experience in the independent wealth ecosystem.

Before joining CAIS, she served on the C-suite of Hightower Advisors, Private Advisor Group, and Fusion Advisor Network (now Kestra). Prior to that, she was head of marketing for institutional services at TD Ameritrade and was a founding partner of Investment News. She holds a BA in finance from Hofstra University and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Show Notes

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