The New “Clean Ocean” ETF

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About This Episode

In mid-September, Rockefeller Asset Management, the asset management arm of Rockefeller Capital Management, and KraneShares, a leading global ETF provider specializing in China, climate, and uncorrelated assets, launched the KraneShares Rockefeller Ocean Engagement ETF (ticker: KSEA). The fund invests in public companies with significant impact on oceans and ocean resources, reflecting the meaningful investment opportunities within the blue economy.

KSEA aims to generate competitive returns and improve ocean health through shareholder engagement activity focused on pollution prevention, carbon transition, and ocean conservation. Holdings include companies from diverse sectors such as aquaculture, commercial fishing, waste management, renewable energy, and logistics, among others.

My guest, Casey Clark, will discuss this new ETF.

About Our Guest

Casey Clark is the president and chief investment officer of Rockefeller Asset Management

Rockefeller Asset Management serves institutions, financial professionals, and other institutionally minded investors through equity, fixed income, and alternative solutions that seek outperformance driven by a disciplined investment process. As part of the Rockefeller ecosystem, Rockefeller Asset Management is distinctively positioned to convene global networks to generate insights and outcomes not commonly found in the investment community. With over 30 years of intellectual capital from pioneering global investing and ESG leadership, and decades of constructive shareholder engagement, Rockefeller Asset Management is committed to delivering innovative investment products and solutions and responsive client services. As of June 30, 2023, Rockefeller Asset Management has approximately $12 billion in assets under management.

KraneShares is a specialist investment manager focused on China, climate, and uncorrelated assets. KraneShares seeks to provide innovative, high-conviction, and first-to-market strategies based on the firm and its partners' deep investing knowledge. KraneShares identifies and delivers groundbreaking capital market opportunities and believes investors should have cost-effective and transparent tools for attaining exposure to a wide variety of asset classes. The firm was founded in 2013 and currently serves institutions and financial professionals globally. The firm is a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI).

Show Notes

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