It Begins with a Foundation

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“Listening and empathizing with clients comes very easy to me and I think that in turn builds trust, which I think is the most important attribute an advisor can have than any technical skill.”

As a first generation Indian-American whose family came to the U.S., Divam experienced the challenges that come with building the foundation of a financial plan. These experiences were part of what drove his inspiration and passion to become a business owner in the financial services industry. Don’t miss this brand-new episode of Cambridge Stronger as Divam shares how he went from research analyst to financial professional, and how the skills he learned early on influence his decisions today as a business owner. He also shares how his past experiences on Wall Street prepared him for life in the independent space. You’ll hear how Divam continues growing his client base, and how he’s found success in guiding individuals and families along their financial journey by designing dynamic, actionable, and organic financial plans.

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