Bond Allocations that Protect Against Inflation

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About This Episode

Few of the advisors who will listen to this podcast have had professional careers that spanned a period of rising interest rates. But rates have been rising, and passive allocations to bonds or stocks cannot be counted on to provide the same results they did for the last 40 years.

Given that regime change, my guest today is here to discuss what should be the appropriate allocation to fixed income in a multi-asset portfolio. We will discuss how advisors should think about liquidity in their bond allocations, and to what extent tactical adjustments will be needed.

About Our Guest

Karen Veraa, CFA, is managing director and the head of iShares US fixed income strategy within BlackRock's indexed fixed income. She is a subject-matter expert on fixed income ETFs and leads the commercialization efforts across the firm. As part of her role, she writes content on fixed income markets and ETFs. She has been interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BNN.

Prior to joining BlackRock, she was an investment research analyst at Laird Norton Wealth Management, providing investment solutions for high-net-worth clients. Ms. Veraa began her career as short-term funding trader in the treasury department of Washington Mutual Bank.

Ms. Veraa earned a bachelors in business administration in finance from The University of Texas at Austin and is a CFA charterholder.

Show Notes

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