The Global Outlook for Multi-Asset Management

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About This Episode

The global economy and financial markets have suffered a dreadful first half of the year, ravaged by a severe commodity shock, strict COVID-19 lockdowns in the world’s second largest economy, and one of the most aggressive Fed tightening cycles in recent history. The second half looks equally tough.

Given that backdrop, now is a critical time for multi-asset investors to revisit their investment approach. There is a sharp divergence in the investment opportunities across equities, fixed income, and real assets.

My guest today, Todd Jablonski, will share how he’s thinking about investing across the multi-asset universe. Todd is the chief investment officer and head of multi-asset investment strategies and solutions for Principal Global Investors. He is responsible for the business, research, and investment management of Principal Global Asset Allocation.  

About Our Guest

Todd Jablonski oversees specialized multi-asset investment strategies and solutions, including target date, dynamic risk, outcome-oriented solutions, and bespoke multi-asset investments on behalf of global clients.  He leads portfolio management, product development, and research capabilities, which include macro insights, manager research, and investment risk & analytics.  He also serves as a portfolio manager on U.S. dynamic risk asset allocation strategies.

In addition, Jablonski is a member of Principal Global Investors’ operating committee.  In this capacity, he contributes to the overall vision and management of Principal Global Investors, including strategic planning and execution. He also serves on the board of directors of AFP Cuprum S.A. in Santiago, Chile.  

Jablonski joined Principal in 2010.  Previously, he was an executive director and portfolio manager at UBS, and prior to that, a vice president and portfolio manager at Credit Suisse.  He has an MBA with concentration in quantitative finance from New York University, a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Virginia and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. 

Show Notes

Here is a link to Principal’s Global Asset Allocation Viewpoints, 3Q 2022 – “Reaching fever pitch.”

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