How to Invest for the Coming Energy Regime Change

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About This Episode

The world is undergoing a dramatic energy regime shift that has been accelerated by recent events, including the COVID crisis, the Ukraine war and growing concerns about climate change. Harbor Capital Advisors recently introduced the Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF – ticker symbol RENW – which is subadvised by Quantix Commodities, a specialist in the development and management of innovative commodity-based investment strategies.

My guests today believe this will be one of the largest macro themes in investing over the next several decades and will fundamentally change the commodities landscape.

Their new ETF offers an opportunity to invest in this transition in a distinct and differentiated manner, through the commodities needed to facilitate change.

About Our Guest

Kristof Gleich is the president and CIO of Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. Kristof oversees all investment, distribution and marketing, and executive office functions at Harbor. He provides insight while helping lead Harbor’s strategic growth plan.

Don Casturo is the founding partner and chief investment officer of Quantix Commodities LP. Don has 26 years of experience in the commodity markets. He left Goldman Sachs as a partner in 2018 after 20 years in the commodity group.

Show Notes

Below are some links to learn more about Harbor and RENW:

  • Link to RENW’s webpage
  • Energy Transition Strategy ETF Strategy Profile

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