Which Sectors Will Outperform Under Inflation

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About This Episode

In the span of just over two years, the world economy has been stricken by a pandemic and challenged by a military conflict in the heart of Europe. Major historical turning points are nearly always accompanied by fundamental shifts in the economy. The pace of history is accelerating with the global energy transition, urgency to secure reliable supplies of traditional energy, and locking in renewable alternatives. This shift will be driven by technology and innovation.

About Our Guest

Joseph Quinlan is managing director and head of market strategy for the chief investment office (CIO) within Bank of America Corporation supporting Bank of America Private Bank and Merrill. Joe leads a team responsible for global market and thematic analysis in support of the asset allocation and portfolio construction across the wealth management businesses. Joe provides economic and market insights, guiding overall investment strategy, both domestically and globally.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the website for the private bank at the Bank of America, where you can see more of Joe’s research and the services his firm offers.