Using Private Credit Interval Funds During Inflationary Times

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About This Episode

Since the global financial crisis, assets in private credit have grown exponentially as investors search for yield while protecting against inflation and rising interest rates. Once a small corner of the investment universe, private credit has boomed into a major asset class that does not show signs of slowing. Over the 2010-2020 period, assets grew by 12.8% annually. However, not all private credit is created equal. My guests today will explain how the private credit landscape is quite diverse relative to its publicly traded counterpart, and investors should take time to fully understand the differences within the space.

About Our Guests

Marco Hanig is the CEO and co-founder of AFA and is a portfolio manager of the AFA Multi-Manager Credit Fund in tandem with Mike Dowdall.

Mike Dowdall is the chief investment officer of AFA, and one of the two portfolio managers of the AFA Multi-Manager Credit Fund.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Alternative Fund Advisors web site.: You can contact them at [email protected]