Intergenerational Transfers for UHNW Clients

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About This Episode

Family wealth transfers are complicated conversations. My guest, Jim Bertles of Tiedemann Advisors, has managed those conversations among his many UHNW clients and their millennial children. He has extensive experience overseeing and coordinating these transfers. Jim and I will discuss the dynamics of a successful family wealth transfer. I will ask Jim about the questions he is encountering with beneficiaries and what insights advisors should be sharing with them. Jim believes that advisors should work towards creating strong relationships with these younger beneficiaries now, as they will need ongoing advice to update their plans as major life changes occur.

About Our Guest

Jim Bertles is managing director and principal at Tiedemann Advisors. He is responsible for working with Tiedemann’s clients and its advisors and developing trust, tax and estate planning solutions for clients. He also leads the firm’s business development strategy team and oversees its relations with outside attorneys.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Teidemann Advisors website, and here is a link to a webinar that Teidemann offers on wealth planning.