Using Free-Cash Flow to Invest in Value Stocks

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About This Episode

As we head into 2022, the two major fears clients face are inflation and rising interest rates. Multiple rate hikes are already priced in, which will be a challenge for once high-flying growth stocks. This is the time to consider value stocks – which have been outperforming growth stocks over the past six months. But how can advisors make sure they are making the right move to value stocks? My guest today will explain why investing in companies with high-free-cash flow is particularly attractive.

About Our Guest

Sean O’Hara is the president of Pacer ETFs. Sean began his career at PLANCO/Hartford in 1985, where he spent 22 years as wholesaler, divisional manager, and managing director of the national wholesaler team. In 2015, Pacer ETFs was launched. Under Sean’s leadership, the company has become one of the fastest growing ETF companies.

Show Notes

Here are links to the Pacer ETFs website, Twitter site, the Pacer Cash Cows ETF series, and the The Power of Free Cash Flow whitepaper.