A Private Fund to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

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About This Episode

With more than 12,000 crypto assets in existence and the potential to power decentralized transactions using blockchain technologies, crypto assets are a new and evolving approach to capturing highly sought-after benefits. Together with renowned index provider Nasdaq, Inc. and crypto-focused asset manager Hashdex Asset Management Ltd., Victory Capital has created a way for investors to gain broad-based market exposure to an emerging asset class for a relatively low cost and without lockups.

About Our Guest

Scott Kefer is a senior portfolio manager for VictoryShares and Solutions at Victory Capital with more than 25 years of active management expertise. He focuses on the continued growth of the firm’s rules-based and custom investment solutions. He supports the firm’s sales efforts by providing strategic beta insights and education to professional investors and clients.

Andrew Puschel is global head of strategy at Hashdex, where his focus is on long-term planning and geographic expansion. Prior to joining Hashdex, Andrew held multiple roles at Apple where he led strategy on Today at Apple – the company’s next generation retail experience. Before his move to California, Andrew held management roles at F. Schumacher & Co., and serves on its board of directors. He began his career at L’Oreal as a brand manager.

Show Notes

Here is a link to more information on the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI). Here is a linkto more information on the Victory Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Fund.