The 2021 RIA M&A Scorecard: Trends and Valuations

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About This Episode

RIA merger and acquisition activity achieved yet another milestone, crossing 200 transactions within a calendar year for the first time ever. The year’s 200th RIA M&A transaction was announced just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. 2021 is the eighth successive record year for RIA M&A activity. For context, the industry posted 159 transactions in 2020 and 131 in 2019.

About Our Guest

David DeVoe is CEO and Founder of DeVoe & Company, which he founded in 2011 to help wealth management companies optimize their business decisions. The company has supported hundreds of firms in valuation, consulting and investment banking engagements since its launch. David has been a thought leader on RIA practice management for over 18 years and was recently called the “RIA M&A Guru” by Barron's magazine.

Show Notes

Here is a link to DeVoe & Co.’s web site. Here is a link to last year’s interview with David.