Twitter and the Debate Over Free Speech

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About This Episode

Following the rioting at the Capitol building on January 6, Twitter permanently deleted President Trump’s Twitter account. Twitter accused Trump of repeated and severe violations of its Civic Integrity policy. While applauded by many, that move was controversial on the basis that it inhibited free speech. My guest today, Barry Ritholtz, defended Twitter’s action on the basis that Twitter is analogous to the host of a dinner party, and as the host it can throw out guests it does not like. Barry and I had an email exchange about that analogy, and we agreed to continue our discussion in this podcast.

About Our Guest

Barry Ritholtz is the co-founder, chairman, and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC., a financial planning and asset management firm with over $1.8 billion dollars in assets under management. Barry is also the creator and host of Masters in Business, a popular podcast on Bloomberg Radio. He has been called the “blogfather” for his long-standing finance weblog, The Big Picture.

Show Notes

Here are links to the Masters in Business podcast (also available on Apple iTunes) and to Barry’s weblog, The Big Picture. Here is a link to Ritholtz Wealth Management. Here is a link to Barry's "insane comment policy."