How Advisors Can Help Small Companies Provide Retirement Plans

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About This Episode

Americans used to fund their retirement through corporate pension plans. But over the last 50 years, the burden of saving has fallen on the employees, and providing a framework for retirement savings has become the responsibility of American businesses. One of the first questions asked by a prospective employee is what type of 401(k) or other plans a company offers. Providing a well-designed plan at a reasonable expense is especially challenging for small companies. My guest today, Chad Parks, provides solutions to that problem.

About Our Guest

Chad Parks is the founder and CEO of Ubiquity Retirement + Savings – a pioneer in highly customizable, flat-fee retirement plans for small businesses. Founded in 1999, Ubiquity has helped more than 9,000 businesses contribute over $2.5 billion toward retirement savings.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Chad’s firm, Ubiquity Retirement + Savings. Here is a link to the video Chad mentioned, Broken Eggs: The Looming Retirement Crisis.