The Risks and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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About the Episode

For the past 30 years, emerging markets have provided return enhancement and risk diversification opportunities for global equity investors. That has been fueled by the liberalization of the Chinese capital market, which comprises about a third of the allocation to emerging market indices. In 2019, emerging markets have been volatile, driven by changes in U.S. monetary policy, increasing political uncertainty and deteriorating conditions for international trade. My guest, Peter Gillespie, and I discuss whether these factors are temporary or will have a long-lasting impact.

About our Guest

Peter Gillespie is a managing director and portfolio manager/analyst on the developing markets equity team at Lazard Asset Management, focusing on the industrials and materials sectors. He began working in the investment field in 1992. Prior to joining Lazard in 2007, Peter was a portfolio manager at Newgate Capital, LLP, where he co-managed the Asian portion of an emerging markets equity fund.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Lazard Asset Management web site.