Matthews Asia - Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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About the Episode

The emerging markets (“EM”) equity asset class has evolved considerably over the past decade such that many active EM equity managers may find it challenging to create long-term alpha over the benchmark. Countries such as China and India are moving to the fore, historical drivers of growth are changing and technology, innovation and health care are becoming a larger part of the opportunity set. It has been difficult for EM investment teams to keep up with these changes. My guest today, David Dali, wrote those words in a recent commentary, and we discuss how he and his team are positioning to adapt to that changing landscape.

About our Guest

David Dali is a portfolio strategist at Matthews Asia. In his role with the investment team, David serves as a macro thought leader and as a proxy to portfolio managers, providing individual portfolio insights and analytics to clients. David has more than 25 years of investment experience in broad emerging markets with the majority of his career spent as a trader and portfolio manager allocating across equity, fixed income, currencies and derivatives within both long-only and long-short strategies.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Matthews Asia web site.