The Coming Demise of Robo Advisors

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Robo advisors suffer from a common flaw, according to Zvi Bodie. They don’t use a “safety first” methodology and are exposing users to unnecessary risks.

Show notes

We reference a handful of articles and presentations during this podcast, please see those listed below.

About Zvi Bodie

Zvi Bodie is a financial consultant, lecturer, educator, and founder and CEO of Bodie Associates. He is also a professor emeritus of finance at Boston University. But he iis best known as coauthor of Investments by Bodie, Kane, and Marcus, the leading investments textbook by far, now in its 11th edition. He has also coauthored two "mass-market" books on personal investing and maintains a website,, to help people seeking advice about worry-free investing, also known as safety-first investing.

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