Navigating Inflation: Does Your Concern Match Your Hedge?

The opportunity cost for inflation protection is high—is it worth the cost?


Assessing the Coronavirus: A New Source of Uncertainty for Global Markets

In January, we highlighted signs of green shoots in economic data—learn how recent developments affect our outlook.


CLO Hysteria: Fact versus Fiction

Ten years have passed since the financial crisis and many pundits are using this arbitrary anniversary to prognosticate the next great financial calamity. This week, CLOs take their turn in the spotlight.


The BBB-Rated Expanse: A Mass of Fallen-Angels or a Gentle Giant?

In October 2018, we published our views on the growing glut of BBB-rated corporate debt. The headline takeaway was the following: longer-term we have concerns, but shorter term a downgrade cycle did not appear imminent. In our multi-sector strategies, this view helped us capitalize on the December volatility and position our portfolios for the bounce back and strong rally in credit markets to start the year.


The 2018 fixed income outlook: It’s quiet…is it too quiet?

As we enter 2018, the macro environment remains supportive for fixed income markets. However, with full valuations and diminished monetary policy support, the margin for error is razor thin as fixed income investors identify potential risks.

Voya Investment Management's CIO of Fixed Income, Matt Toms, CFA breaks down the major themes of 2018 and discusses the key market trends that are likely to lead to a return of volatility.


Voya Fixed Income Perspectives – January 2015

Voya Investment Management’s fixed income strategies cover a broad range of maturities, sectors and instruments, giving investors wide latitude to create a new portfolio structure or complement an existing one.

Voya Fixed Income Perspectives September 2014

Change is in the air, and its evident beyond the riot of color overwhelming our natural landscape. Market dynamics, too, are shifting, with the yield on the U.S. two-year Treasury inching higher and the U.S. dollar appreciating. Both not only suggest markets are pricing in a stronger U.S. economy, they are also potential harbingers that the end of zero interest rate policy is near.

Voya Global Perspectives Market Update

A hawk in doves clothing, Yellen will likely be ahead of the curve when it comes to hiking rates. Driven by strength in manufacturing and a revitalized consumer, corporate America is thriving. The euro zone is an economic basket case, forcing Draghi to reach for another bazooka solution, to the likely benefit of risk assets. Broad, globally diversified portfolios can help protect investors against the volatility that policy normalization may bring.

Voya Fixed Income Perspectives August 2014

Like the buzz of the alarm clock on the first day of school, the July/early August market selloff awoke investors to the fact that the lazy, carefree days cant last forever. Though a single catalyst for the latest shift in sentiment is tough to identify, there are a number of suspects: ample geopolitical uncertainty, the possibility that strong U.S. economic data may hasten fed funds rate normalization and Fed rhetoric about froth in certain markets.

Goldilocks and the Global Economy

Macro conditions are lukewarm but positive and largely absent any systemic risk. Momentum stocks have fallen out of favor as the market rotates into names with more attractive valuations. Europe and especially the U.K. have been showing signs of strength despite geopolitical risk with its energy supplier, Russia. The safety of sidelined cash exposes investors to what we view as the greatest current risk in the market upside risk.