LiveCast: Navigating the Advisor Landscape: Secrets and Solutions from a Sales Icon

Curious about the tools and tactics being used by top industry producers? For advisors to survive, they need to grow. This means understanding the opportunities available in today’s unique landscape.

Join sales and distribution legend Phil Eichinger, Managing Director of Revenue, Victory Capital for a 30-minute LiveCast to learn how you can grow your AUM and navigate the challenges and opportunities of the moment.

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Bitcoin: A Definitive Guide for Investors

Investor interest in crypto assets continues to surge. This emerging asset class continues to demonstrate increasing potential and acceptance as a component of investor portfolios. Financial advisors are working to stay informed on these markets, with the ultimate goal of helping their clients understand and participate in this dynamic new asset class.

Together with renowned index provider Nasdaq, Inc. and crypto-focused asset manager Hashdex Asset Management Ltd., Victory Capital has created a way for investors to gain broad-based market exposure to an emerging asset class for a relatively low cost and without lockups.

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Hunting for yield in all the right places

It’s no secret that investors today are wrestling with their fixed income portfolios. On one hand yields remain historically low. On the other hand, fiscal and monetary forces seem poised to boost inflation and send rates higher. We’ve already witnessed this as we emerge from the pandemic, but how fast and how high will rates go? And more importantly, what will this do to traditional fixed income portfolios?

Victory Capital offers an innovative alternative income strategy that aims to capture attractive equity income while neutralizing the equity risk. Learn more about this approach, how it differs from some of the other alternative income funds, and why it might be appropriate as a long-term strategic allocation.