The No-Guesswork Guide to Marketing: Insights from 38,607 Marketing Campaigns

What are other advisers experiencing in their marketing?

In 2021, what kinds of approaches, channels, and topics get attention, generate new client opportunities, and deepen relationships?

The analysis of 38,607 marketing campaigns (32.7 million data points overall), reveals patterns on:

  • Audience Demographics
  • Top Sources of Web Traffic
  • High Performing Content Topics
  • And More

Join Robert Sofia, CEO of Snappy Kraken, as he walks through the findings from the 35-page 2021 State of Digital Marketing: Financial Adviser Online Marketing Report and Benchmarking Study.

Following the presentation, registrants will receive a PDF copy of the study.


The Simple Framework that Drives 5X Better Marketing Results

Are you committed to using digital marketing to grow your practice in 2021? What’s the ideal path to convert a prospect into a client? If you don’t have a crystal clear strategy to convert prospects into clients, chances are you’ll end up spending more money, energy, and time than you ever should. Worse yet, you may end up “striking out” on developing new client relationships with rich opportunities. The good news? You can 5x your return on marketing spend by following a simple, proven strategy. It’s exactly what the top 25% of advisers are doing right now to move prospects from “cold to gold” - quickly.