Creating a Goals-Based Retirement Income Plan

Join Dr. Michael Finke as he shares the steps for developing a goals-based financial plan, the importance of understanding the impact of investment risk, and approaches to funding inflexible spending. Sponsored by RetireOne and Protective.


Perception vs. Reality - The Vital Role of Insurance in a Thriving Advisory Practice

Join Dimensional's Mark Colaço, James Pryor of Jackson, and RetireOne’s Ed Mercier on Tuesday, September 20 to explore the impact of insurance offerings to RIA firms. Mark will share insights from Dimensional’s Advisor and Investor research that illustrates the value of including insurance in a holistic wealth management approach.


Insuring Client Spending in Retirement with Portfolio Income Insurance

With the growth in 401(k) plans and the contraction of private pensions over the last 30 years, risks in retirement have slowly and almost imperceptibly transferred from institutions to individuals. Institutions staffed with actuaries and analysts are well suited to manage those risks. Individual investors may need some help.

This session introduces a relatively new kind of portfolio income insurance: a Contingent Deferred Annuity. It unbundles the insurance from underlying investments so that advisors may “wrap” the risk in client portfolios by covering investments in retail ETFs and mutual funds with lifetime income protections.


Measuring and Mitigating Risks to Retirement Spending

Rick, David and Govinda will identify the risk cycle, and explore how risk can be 'wrapped' with portfolio income insurance to provide a reliable stream of income. The certainty of lifetime income may give individual investors the assurance to not only spend confidently, but to allocate more to equities without the fear that a terrible market event will force them to spend much less than planned in retirement.


Best Practices for Retirement Income Planning + How a New Tool can Help

As the baby boomers reach retirement, advisors must solve new problems for them. And these new problems must be addressed with solutions that evolve to better manage them. Retirement income is different as clients shift their focus from maximizing wealth to creating sustainable income, clients face a greater range of risks, and clients increasingly must solve a complex lifetime financial problem. These matters are becoming particularly vital as near retirees are now experiencing continued market volatility and uncertainty, and historically low interest rates.

This presentation looks at sustainable retirement spending from investments in light of recent market events and discusses strategies to support more spending by integrating both investments and income protections, such as a new Portfolio Retirement Income Guarantee that unbundles the insurance from underlying investments to build more efficient retirement strategies.

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Groundbreaking New Portfolio Retirement Income Guarantee