Bonds Are Back – Now What?

Opportunities and risk abound in the fixed income space as questions remain about whether or not the Fed will continue to tighten. With the long end of the curve starting to look appealing, but short end yields still being attractive, investors need to unpack how they are approaching the fixed income space. Join iMGP and VettaFi for a webcast that digs into how investors can capitalize on the return of fixed income.

Topics covered will include:

  • A review of current and possible Fed policy around tightening.
  • An exploration of the emerging threats to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and what that means for non-US bonds.
  • An overview of the possible strategic options in the fixed income space.

Richard Bernstein: Valuations Matter and How to Reposition Allocations

Concerns around high equity valuations and rising asset prices are finally manifesting. In this webinar, Richard Bernstein will examine the critical shift in the markets - focusing on the anti-tech trade, cyclicals, consumer staples and other areas where RBA is finding opportunities and isolating risks.


Focusing on Quality in a Mid-Cycle Market

U.S. equity markets continue to set new highs, powered by an increasingly narrow group of stocks. Setting aside the cognitive dissonance-inducing earnings impacts from the pandemic and subsequent recovery, stocks continue to look expensive vs. their long-term earnings power. With leading economic indicators such as the 10-year Treasury yield, the ISM-Manufacturing PMI index, and upwards earnings estimates revisions all peaking in April, advisors are asking:

Are we seeing a rotation from growth-oriented cyclical stocks to higher-quality defensive names? If so, how can we find value opportunities for our clients among expensive U.S. equities?

Eric Lynch, Managing Director of Scharf Investments, will share his thoughts on today’s markets and discuss why quality matters and where compelling valuation opportunities exist both in the U.S. and abroad.


De-risking Bond Allocations with Guggenheim & Litman Gregory

Bonds have never been more expensive. Investors face historically low yields, high duration risk, tight spreads and signs of inflation across many sectors of the economy. The most conservative asset class contains much more risk than investors may realize. Financial professionals are asking themselves …

  • How can I immunize my fixed-income allocation?
  • Which areas of the bond market are the riskiest? And which are most attractive?
  • Should I maintain or increase yield while reducing traditional bond exposures?

In this webinar, Steve Brown (Assistant CIO and Portfolio Manager – Guggenheim) and Jack Chee (Portfolio Manager and Head of Fixed-Income Strategies – Litman Gregory) will take attendees on a tour through the fixed-income universe, discussing the relative risk/reward across subcategories while exploring alternative areas to help clients de-risk their bond allocations.


Navigating Fixed Income in a Rising Rate Environment

As we come to the end of the first quarter, 2021 – allocators are faced with numerous headwinds in the fixed income markets…Tight spreads in corporate bonds, rising interest rates, and the fear of inflation’s effect on client portfolios.

What financial professionals are asking themselves today is…

How do I position the fixed income part of my client’s portfolio for success over the next 12-18 months? What are the risks associated with doing so?

In this webinar, Daniel Dolan and Roger McEniry will explain how their intense focus on value bond investing and lender’s approach to fixed income markets has allowed them to navigate risk for over two decades.


Hedge Funds Are Back – Can Allocators Get Hedge Fund Alpha in an ETF?

Heading into 2021, advisors face numerous headwinds: a potential return of inflation, sky high equity prices, possible negative returns on bonds. Yet advisors with retail clients have few good options to protect against these risks, and many that embraced alternative mutual funds and ETFs have been disappointed with low returns, high fees and large drawdowns.

The questions advisors are asking today is:

How can retail investors gain exposure to leading hedge funds yet with the client-friendly features of an ETF? Given the difficulties for many hedge funds in the 2010s, will hedge funds will return to the Golden Age of the 2000s, when they generated alpha through two bear markets?


Attractive Equity Investment Opportunities in a post-COVID Environment

Where are the most attractive investment opportunities in U.S. equity markets going into 2021?

In this webinar, Alan Langsner and Matt Kelley will outline underlying trends significantly impacting the U.S. equity market in 2020, including the disparity of growth versus value and the outsized contribution from the Information Technology and Communication Services sectors. In addition, Alan and Matt will discuss attractive investment opportunities that Sirios has found in 2020 and how Sirios and its 21-year history of fundamental, bottom-up, long-short investing fits into a portfolio. The webinar will cover:

  • Disparity of returns in growth versus value in the U.S. equity market this year
  • The impact of the Information Technology and Communication Services sectors on investors’ performance in 2020, and influence of other sectors on performance
  • Where has Sirios found compelling new investment opportunities?
  • How does Sirios fit into a portfolio?
  • How can skilled shorting add value to portfolios?

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.


How Digital Transformation is creating New Investment Opportunities in Small Caps across the Globe

A few questions advisors and allocators are asking in today's global equity environment are:

How is digital transformation creating new opportunities in small-cap companies, particularly during COVID-19? How have opportunities and risks in the small-cap segment evolved? Where are we finding the best opportunities both domestically and internationally?

In this webinar, Polen Capital's Tucker Walsh and Rob Forker will explain how their investment philosophy allows them to focus exclusively on the world's best companies. This focus on durable, high-quality companies enables them to uncover and invest in businesses that can survive and thrive in nearly any environment while also managing risk. The webinar will cover:

  • Why broadening small-cap allocations to both the U.S. and internationally provides access to some of the world's best companies with compelling runways for profitable growth.
  • How digital transformation has created new opportunities in areas like lifestyle brands (Yeti and Fox Factory) and IT consulting (Globant and Netcompany).
  • Why feedback loops and the availability of a wide range of inputs are important to small-cap companies.
  • What risks exist in the small-cap space as digital transformation accelerates, and how Polen Capital's investment philosophy addresses those risks.

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.


Understanding the Investing Dynamics of Corporate Bonds in 2020

A few questions advisors and allocators are asking in today’s fixed income environment:

How I do navigate the world of corporate bonds, what risks are present in corporate bonds, and why now may be timely for clients to consider an allocation to high quality corporate bonds?

In this webinar, Daniel Dolan and Roger McEniry will explain how their intense focus on bond investing from a lender's view has worked for 25 plus years and allows them to avoid a lot of risks throughout the years. The webinar will cover key educational topics, such as:

  • What has changed in 2020 for corporate bonds?
  • What is a Core Plus Corporate Bond Strategy?
  • Looking at bond investing from a lender’s perspective?
  • Ways to manage risk in corporate bonds.
  • Why should advisors consider a corporate bond allocation today and consider Dolan McEniry Capital Management for efficient access and management of this allocation?

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.


The Case for Replication in Alternative Asset Classes

Advisors and allocators have struggled for years with a simple question:

How can my clients get the diversification benefits of leading hedge funds, but in a mutual fund or ETF with reasonable fees and less downside risk?

In this webinar, Andrew Beer will explain how hedge fund replication is a potential solution. Hedge fund replication, broadly defined, is a strategy that seeks to match or outperform hedge fund returns with lower fees, daily liquidity and less downside risk by mimicking the core exposures and trading strategies of high cost, illiquid hedge funds. The webinar will cover key educational topics, such as

  • What are the different forms of hedge fund replication?
  • What’s worked well and what hasn’t?
  • Why do some replication-based strategies outperform actual hedge funds?
  • Why should advisors consider a hedge fund replication-based mutual fund or ETF today?

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.