Portfolio Perspectives – Recession or Not, That’s the Question

Accelerated interest rate expectations, hotter than expected inflation, a protracted war in Ukraine and continued Chinese COVID uncertainty form a challenging backdrop for markets. As the earnings outlook deteriorates and global economic growth slows, the big R word is on everyone’s mind. Can the U.S. escape a recession should Europe and other key countries experience deteriorating real growth? Jon and Michelle will discuss the macroeconomic landscape and positioning portfolios for the current environment.


Global X 2022 Outlook: Navigating a More Selective Market

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Economic growth expectations and their implications for markets.
  • Understanding supply chain dynamics, inflation, and the interest rate environment.
  • Sustainability, supply chains and disruption.
  • Portfolio Positioning within a changing and more selective market.

Thematic Investing & the Stay-at-Home Economy

Widespread efforts to contain COVID-19, including closures of businesses, schools, and offices, has upended many aspects of our everyday lives. In this webinar, Global X’s thematic research team looks at how long-standing habits have quickly changed amid this disruptive environment and what it may mean for certain industries and themes going forward, including Video Games & E-sports, Robotics & AI, Cloud Computing, E-commerce.

Webinar attendees will:

  • Understand the Diffusion of Innovations theory and how COVID-19 might be both accelerate and expanding the disruptive potential of certain themes
  • See how global pandemics and trade tensions are causing companies to re-evaluate globalization, and consider reshoring manufacturing efforts
  • Explore how software as a service (SaaS) companies are enabling the work from home economy
  • Learn about changing consumer spending patterns, including the shift to at-home entertainment and online purchases

Jay Jacobs, Pedro Palandrani, and Andrew Little will be available to answer your questions following the presentation.


Our New World: Is it Inflation, Deflation or Something Else?

While an oft-cited risk of expansionary monetary policy is runaway inflation, Global X’s CIO team reminds that policies only become inflationary if stimulus extends beyond the required period of need.