A Deep Dive into Fine Tuning Your Portfolio

With 2024 continuing to see uncertainty, advisors need strategies to help address hard-to-predict markets. Join Fidelity Investments Institutional Portfolio Manager Michael Hagopian for this 30-minute LiveCast to hear how Fidelity’s Enhanced ETFs are constructed to identify both traditional and non-traditional long-term drivers of risk and return to achieve a differentiated, low-cost source of potential alpha.


Navigating the Second Half of 2024: Market Outlook & ETFs to Target Specific Outcomes

As you look toward the second half of the year, how can you help your clients achieve desired outcomes? Combining traditional factors could help potentially enhance risk/return profiles of equity portfolios over time, through a variety of market outcomes.

Join the experts at Fidelity Investments and discover how you can seek to prepare your portfolio for potential success in the second half of 2024.


Harnessing the Power of Fidelity’s Highest Conviction Investment Ideas in the Active ETF Marketplace

The ETF marketplace is always in a state of flux. Understanding the opportunities and mitigating risk are essential to a healthy portfolio. A disciplined, active approach can help clients focus on the right opportunities at the right time.

Join the experts at Fidelity Investments to hear all about the latest risks and opportunities in the market and how their new Fundamental ETF suite can potentially help your clients grow their portfolios.