Navigating Fixed Income Markets as the Fed Tackles Inflation

Fixed income investors faced plenty of challenges in 2021 as the global economy recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. With January and February returns flashing red across the board, 2022 appears to be setting up for more of the same. Columbia Threadneedle will discuss strategies that may help investors navigate the triple threat of Fed tightening, high inflation, and decelerating economic growth.


Demystifying Fed Speak: How Shrinking The Balance Sheet Could (Not) Impact Markets

One of the ways the Fed may tighten financial conditions is by reducing its balance sheet. Here’s what investors should know about it.


When Will U.S. Daily Life Return to Normal?

The Columbia Threadneedle Return to Normal Index measures progress toward a post-pandemic world.


Play bigger than you are: Effective team formation

Financial advisors today are expected to do more than manage investments; FAs must provide comprehensive guidance on a range of financial matters and life event decisions.

Leading practices are forming teams that surround their core members with an array of expertise drawn from their firm eco-system and third party resources, tailored to the specific needs of their key client(s). But how to do so with efficiency and at a reasonable cost?

Attend this session to learn:

  • The five key benefits of creating a virtual team (core, firm eco-system, third party resources)
  • Why defining the core or key client(s) is critical to forming a distinct value proposition and the makeup of the virtual team
  • Key considerations for each part of the virtual team.

Your niche is waiting: Help your best clients build wealth at work

Even your most successful clients may not know how to get the most out of their retirement compensation packages. They need help, and you should be the one to help them.

Attend this session to:

  • Learn strategies to attract and retain high-earning clients
  • Gain knowledge to help you assist clients with complex retirement issues
  • Discover ways to earn clients' confidence

Abram Claude will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live

White Paper

A Smarter Solution to Municipal Investing

Traditional muni indices are concentrated in higher quality bonds and may have more interest-rate risk.

Passive products that track traditional municipal bond benchmarks may give investors excessive exposure to duration (interest-rate) risk, because of the way traditional indices are constructed.

A strategic municipal bond approach, with a focus on diversification and the flexibility to navigate interest-rate risk and credit risk, may help address this challenge.


Explaining Equity: What’s Happening with This Year’s Returns?

The divergence between growth and value stocks is one of the biggest stories of 2018, and equity income investors find themselves on the wrong side of it. Why?


Passive Investing May Not Work for Fixed Income. But What Does?

Gene Tannuzzo explains why a strategic beta approach makes a lot of sense in fixed income, particularly relative to traditional passive strategies.


Annual Beneficiary Audits: As Important as a Will

Many investors assume a will dictates where their assets will go. But without properly designated beneficiaries, investors may not reach their legacy goals.


What to Expect from the Fed's Balance Sheet Runoff

The Federal Open Market Committee is expected to begin the process of reducing the Fed’s balance sheet. Here’s what it may mean for investors.


Six Key Events That Could Shape Markets in 2017

2016 played host to the unexpected with the U.S. presidential election and Brexit vote. 2017 will bring its own events that could have consequences for global markets.


Stocks Surge While Diversification Struggles

For many investors, the post-election rise in U.S. stock prices hasn’t necessarily translated to a post-election rise in portfolio values. Does diversification still work?


The Benefits of Year-End 529 Gifting

The holiday season is here, and so is the deadline for gifting contributions to 529 accounts — an attractive opportunity for those wanting to ease the soaring cost of college for family members.


Pension Decisions: Making the Right Choice

Pension plans are being frozen and terminated, often creating lump-sum distribution options normally unavailable. Here’s how to prepare for what could be a major financial decision.


The Italian Referendum: What Investors Need to Know

Italy’s December referendum vote could help solve certain structural issues hindering the country’s economic growth. We look at the implications of either a yes or no vote.