A Closer Look at Office Commercial Real Estate & Investment Opportunities within Securitized Products

Office Commercial Real Estate faces challenges ahead, with high vacancy rates, declining rental income, and potential defaults. Investors should seek opportunities in more resilient sectors; multifamily properties for better risk-adjusted returns amidst a weakening economy/hawkish Fed.


A Closer Look at Auto ABS and Investment Opportunities

US subprime auto loans are highly stressed, with a new delinquency peak of 1.8%. Rising living costs, interest rates, lack of stimulus, negative equity, declining vehicle values, and rising rates are putting pressure on borrowers.


A Conversation with Bramshill: Identifying the Latest Opportunities in US Fixed Income

After one of the sharpest selloffs in history during the first half of 2022, yields in US fixed income have increased markedly. Learn how Bramshill maintained defensive positioning during this correction and is now poised to allocate to sectors with attractive yields and total return potential.


The Case For Preferred Securities in a Rising Rate Environment

An often overlooked and underutilized fixed-income alternative, preferred securities offer investors compelling diversification and income opportunities in today's volatile, rising interest rate environment. With yields and returns comparable to high-yield fixed income, today's preferred securities have evolved into a distinct and attractive income-generating asset class.


US Preferred Securities: Unique Characteristics from a Bramshill Perspective

Preferred securities represent a relatively underappreciated opportunity for income-oriented investors in an overall low yield environment where attractive investments may seem hard to find. In the current market they offer yields and returns comparable to high yield debt, but with quality and trading characteristics more nearly approaching investment grade credits.