Why precision will matter for bond investors in 2024: Join BondBloxx for a fixed income market outlook

What’s ahead for fixed income markets in 2024? Join us to hear BondBloxx’s investment strategist, JoAnne Bianco, CFA®, discuss key themes across fixed income asset classes and portfolio positioning ideas.


High Yield Investing: Taking an active approach with sectors

Join JoAnne Bianco, CFA of BondBloxx Investment Management, and Paul Matlack of Macquarie Asset Management for a discussion on the compelling case for active high yield strategies. Over the last 26 years, the U.S. high yield market has experienced wide variations in returns across sectors, a trend we anticipate persisting. This volatility presents an opportunity for investors to strategically navigate high yield industry sectors, capitalizing on market inefficiencies and trends. Learn more from experienced fixed income managers at BondBloxx and Macquarie Asset Management to elevate your bond portfolio.


Why High Yield Bonds Deserve Your Attention Now

Why is now the time to consider investing in U.S. high yield bonds? At today’s yield levels, high yield bonds may generate income that few other fixed income exposures can match, with lower expected volatility than equities.1

Join JoAnne Bianco, CFA® and Ben Morris of BondBloxx for a discussion on opportunities with high yield bonds and why it’s essential to invest with precision in this asset class.