The Year of Alternative Income

With relatively risk-free yields in treasuries and money markets, traditional dividend ETFs are losing some of their luster to investors. However, there are alternative income strategies that may help boost yield through options-based supplementation of high quality dividend paying stocks or focusing on income generating market segments like natural resource stocks or secondary closed-end funds.


Navigating The Effects of Black Swan Events

In today’s dynamic investment environment, how do investors efficiently combat the risk of significant stock market drawdowns, yet still participate in the long term growth of stocks?

Join Amplify ETFs and ARGI Financial as we discuss a low-cost, simple, and powerful strategy designed to combat the effects of black swan events. This strategy has helped buffer against the significant S&P 500 losses that have occurred in 2020, and has also participated in market upside.

We will discuss:

  • Market drawdowns & black swan events
  • Key principles for client engagement during a market crisis
  • Inside the BlackSwan strategy: principles, components & results
  • What is the BlackSwan ETF and where does it fit in an overall portfolio?
  • Performance of the BlackSwan ETF in bull and bear markets

The Amplify BlackSwan Growth & Treasury Core ETF (SWAN) seeks investment results that correspond to the S-Network BlackSwan Core Total Return Index (the Index). The Index’s investment strategy seeks uncapped exposure to the S&P 500 (via in-the-money LEAP call options), while seeking to buffer against significant losses (via U.S. Treasury Securities).

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