Future Proof Your Practice: Learnings from 2020

2020 was turbulent for the financial advising industry. The pandemic, along with industry-shifting mergers, a volatile market, and new technologies, transformed the way advisors managed their practices. In this webinar, we’ll uncover some key learnings from 2020 and how advisors were able to take what they learned from 2020 to future-proof their business.

Join Teddy Levitt, Manager of Client Development at Altruist, as he interviews Alex Chalekian, CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, and industry veteran Pete Dorsey as they discuss what changes are here to stay, what learnings emerged, and how to build a resilient firm for years to come.


Going Independent: A Guided Checklist to Forming Your Own RIA

Continuing our series, Going Independent, we want to provide those considering going out on their own with an easy-to-follow checklist of everything you need to do to form your own RIA.


5 Helpful Tips for Building Content That Your Audience Will Care About

A solid marketing strategy requires content that speaks to your ideal audience needs. The content must be in a tone that’s easy to understand while building trust between your brand and audience. When marketing meets good content — well, they live happily ever after.


The Real Story Behind Commission Free Trading

On October 2, 2019 brokerage firm Charles Schwab announced they were no longer going to charge commissions on stock and ETF trades. Before the day closed E-Trade and TD Ameritrade followed suit. And just like that, commissions were dead.


4 Ways to Tell if You’re Ready to Launch Your Own RIA

Knowing if you’re ready to launch your own RIA is a big decision. For me, these four factors guided me to realize I was ready to break out on my own.